Low Back Pain

As a chiropractor I have considerable training and expertise in identifying and correcting what are commonly referred to as “misalignments” in the spine and the extremities.  Chiropractors pride themselves on treating “the cause” of musculo-skeletal aches and pains.  We call the cause of these conditions “subluxations”.  But what causes the subluxations?

Subluxations can be caused by many different things including poor posture, poor sleeping position, lack of exercise, postural stress from poor ergonomics at work, home, or with a hobby, asymmetrical exercises or other activities, nutritional deficiencies, and still many other factors.

At Baxter Health Center we not only perform “adjustments” to correct these subluxations, we also endeavor to identify and help our patients effectively address all of the other factors that affect their condition so we can achieve long-term correction of their problem, so they don’t have to become a “chronic patient”.

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