Fat Loss

Most people with a weight problem think they just need to loose weight.  However, if you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that what you really want to do is to loose fat. Unfortunately, if the only measurement tool you have is a scale, you can’t measure fat loss, you can only measure weight loss.

What if the weight you’re loosing isn’t really fat?  Many commonly used diets have been found to actually cause more muscle loss than fat loss!  This is one primary reason why most people that go on a weight loss diet eventually go off the diet, and gain back all the weight they had lost plus another extra five pounds!

There is a solution.  At Baxter Health Center we don’t put patients on diets.  Instead, our patients enroll in a lifestyle change program that teaches them how to make healthier choices in the foods they eat.  Their progress is monitored regularly by a device that measures their fat loss and makes sure they are not loosing any muscle.

Our patients typically loose about a pound to a pound and a half of fat per week, and they keep it off.  They find many other benefits to healthy fat loss including, more energy, better sleep, improved mood, increased mental focus and many other positive changes.  If you found a program like this that not only helped you reach your ideal weight, but had all those other benefits too, would you ever stop doing what worked so well?  Of course not!  And that’s what helps our patients keep the weight off.

This is a twelve week program at the end of which time you will be equipped to continue on your own until your weight goal is achieved.  Call us today so you can begin loosing excess fat permanently!

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