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Welcome to my virtual office. During the past thirty years of providing chiropractic care for my patients I have integrated many other natural health care approaches in order to maximize my patients’ response to care. The foundation of this approach is an understanding that optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health results from having a poised mind housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized nerve energies and balanced chemical function.

To achieve this state of optimal health requires an integrative natural health care approach that is based upon a functional understanding of how the different systems within the body work together to achieve a state of optimal health. Although we do use natural means to relieve symptoms, our focus is rather to improve the ability of the body’s various systems to work with each other in a state of balance. This then results not only in symptomatic relief, but also in a progressive improvement in function and increased levels of health and vitality.

As a chiropractor, my initial focus is on the body’s structural balance, appreciating the effect this has on the function of the nervous system, which controls every tissue in the body. I also pay close attention to how lifestyle choices, such as those that relate to diet, posture, sleep habits, exercise, etc. can all have a substantial effect on one’s structural function, as well as on all the other systems of the body. I do not stop however with helping my patients regain and improve their structural health, as important as that is.

Another aspect of my practice, and one I find extremely gratifying, is the work I do to assist patients in balancing their adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone function. These hormones not only have a powerful effect upon our physical health, they also greatly affect our mental and emotional health and our capacity for spiritual growth. This is due to the effect these hormones have on the balance of the chemicals in the brain that are responsible for our mood, emotions and ability to think rationally and clearly. In effect, these chemicals (called neurotransmitters), greatly determine who we are and who we are capable of becoming.

Each of the various aspects of health I focus my attention on is discussed more thoroughly in the sections of the website related to the tabs above. In clicking on these tabs you will find information about your condition, and how I can work with you to regain the health you have lost, and quite possibly increase your health to new heights. Once you are ready to make a decision about what path you want to take toward regaining your health, it is my sincere hope that you will allow me to partner with you in that quest.

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Baxter Health Center - A Touch Above
6053 S Fort Apache Road, Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

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