There are two commonly recognized types of diabetes, Type 1 (formerly called childhood diabetes), and Type 2 (formerly called adult-onset diabetes).  Once recognized, Type 1 diabetes is extremely difficult to alter the course of.  There are however several modifiable risk factors that can greatly influence the likelihood of a child developing Type 1 diabetes.  So if there is an incidence of Type 1 diabetes in your family, and you have young children or are planning to have children, you need to visit our office so we can teach you what you need to do to help prevent your children from developing this terrible disease.

Type 2 diabetes is an entirely different matter and according to the American Diabetes Association can be prevented at least 90% of the time with appropriate diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Even in those with a genetic tendency to develop this disease, diet and lifestyle choices play a crucial role in whether or not these “bad genes” will become activated.

Many people think that diabetes is when you can’t make enough insulin and that all you need to do is to take enough insulin and you’ll be fine.  However, nothing is farther from the truth.  Type 2 diabetes is usually not caused so much by too little insulin, but by your body’s inability to respond properly to normal amounts of insulin.  This condition is referred to as “insulin resistance”.  Medications such as Metformin lower this insulin resistance, however have various unwanted side effects.

At Baxter Health Center we prescribe diet and lifestyle changes in conjunction with very safe and effective nutritional suppliments and medical foods to lower insulin resistance. This protocol is not only effective for those that already have diabetes, often enabling them to decrease or eliminate their medication; it is also effective for those with boarderline diabetes in enabling them to decrease their insulin resistance and improve their blood sugar metabolism.  This approach can also be very effective for those diabetics that take insulin, often enabling them to decrease their insulin dose.  Call our office today so we can put you on the path toward blood sugar health.

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