Brain Imbalances

Brain neurotransmitters are the natural chemicals that regulate your mood, emotions and ability to think clearly and rationally. Those with brain neurotransmitter imbalances often report symptoms such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric or psychological symptoms, a sense of disconnection from who they truly are, an inability to connect with higher thoughts such as goals, desires, plans for the future, values, ideals, passion and even love. They don’t feel like themselves anymore.

They may experience themselves as living mostly out of fear, stuck in survival mode, merely reacting and responding to their environment without regard to consequences, just attempting to get by until the next day and no longer feeling like the person they remember they used to be. With appropriate care they are able to find themselves again, and once again begin living a life worth living.

Brain neurotranmitter imbalances often are the result of a deeper underlying hormonal imbalance. Sometimes neurotransmitter imbalance is caused by poor sleep, abnormal lifestyle choices and can also be related to a diet deficient in essential nutrients. In our diagnostic work-up for patients with these imbalances, we pay close attention to all of these potential contributing factors so we can home in on the cause and help re-connect our patients to who they truly are, and to who they can become.

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